Introducing #TrustDAV

logoWe live in a world where almost anything can be obtained at the touch of a button. From Uber to Netflix, we are becoming conditioned to expect immediate responses. The same is true for our business.

Our candidates, clients and colleagues expect us to be more responsive to their needs. If we fail to live up to their expectations, we can expect immediate fallout. People are very quick to express their disapproval and as a people business, we need to be mindful of the actions that lead to their disapproval, whilst remaining open to their needs and responsive to their feedback.

As such we have implemented an initiative we call #TrustDAV

This allows us to catch ourselves when we do things right, and to respond quickly when we have done wrong. Three weeks into this initiative and it’s been awesome to see the change in our environment. Some of the positive upswing we have seen includes:

Are you searching for unicorns in 2017?


It’s 2017. The overindulgence of mince pies, singalong Christmas carols, non-stop feasting and those well-deserved afternoon naps seem like a distant memory for now… New Year’s resolutions made and quite possibly already broken… SO in February, let's really get 2017 off to a kickin' start shall we?!

As R.M Rilke puts it, ‘Let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.’ A new year means a new outlook, a new strategy… It’s the perfect opportunity to start off on the right foot and put our plans into action. This year will be different and we need to beat back the temptation of slipping into what’s easy or familiar… Or we’ll be left in the dust!

2016 Has Turned Us Inside-Out. How About You?

Logo   2016… What a year it’s been!!!

 We've officially reached the time of year that begins to  feel like a month of  Fridays,  and the buzz around the office is  fantastic!

 A lot has happened around us this year – surprising USA  election results, the  Rio  Olympics, freak SA weather  conditions  and so  much more. What has this  year  meant  for you, your people and your business? For us, 2016 will  forever  be  known as the year  that turned DAV inside out!


It's been a big year for us with our rebrand and the implementation of a new business strategy. Trying to adapt to an ever-changing market is no easy feat but we've made huge strides to stay ahead of our competitors. We've not only changed our look and feel completely (daunting, I might add) but also modernised our business, joined forces with Premier Personnel and introduced an all new Candidate Resource Centre - making us stronger than ever before.

Leaders under the Microscope

women crossing her arms MANCO MANIA…you have to try it! The month of October at DAV sure was a manic one – a lot happened, we loved it and that’s why I’d like to share this with you!

 So many of us spend this time of the year focusing on ways of increasing business productivity, performance appraisals, incentivising employees and the like. DAVs Management Team, including myself, was completely sidetracked this month and became fully immersed in MANCO Mania! Ok, so what is MANCO Mania?

Let me start off by saying that the concept of MANCO Mania was a complete fluke - it just happened and my goodness did our staff take advantage of it – in a good way of course! The concept involved putting challenges out to our sales team to achieve a performance activity within a defined timeline. It created competition and urgency and the consultants scrambled to win. The prize? An hour of a MANCO member’s time to use at the winner’s convenience.

A New DAV, A New Look

The year 2016 has seen DAV redefined from the inside out.

Not only did we join forces with Premier Personnel to create a new generation DAV, but we've also introduced our cutting-edge Candidate Resource Centre and made a number of changes to ensure that we continue offering only the best of best in recruitment services.

Our intense approach to change has left us feeling renewed, excited and more defined as a business. What better way to reflect these views than to revise our external image too?

First we set out to change our logo and then we were on a search to find a symbol that could express our deepest character. Choosing just one image was a challenge because we have so much to tell the world. And then it became clear. An image of ink …...yes, ink! Because just one drop of it changes things - quickly, intensely and permanently.  Like drops of ink cast in clear water, we have added powerful change to our world and there is no turning back.

And so, it is with great excitement that we introduce you to DAV's new look and feel. Like our internal business, our look is now sleek, strong, sophisticated, yet simple.

The new generation DAV

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It was Henry Ford who said:

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Together, together, together. What a powerful concept and one that has become very real for our company in the past few months.

You’ve heard the rumblings, you’ve seen some shifts and there’s no denying  the excitement…DAV and Premier Personnel are now officially together and going forward, will operate as DAV. What a powerful combination! Two formidable companies both with a  heritage of excellence and a vision of advancement. With obvious synergies between the two, the decision to join forces makes perfect sense.

Surviving in this Wild Economy

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Continuous competition, vulnerability, drought, constant change… Like the African bushveld, our marketplace is constantly transforming and because of these ever-present factors, we need to adopt unique approaches that equip us to deal with what’s coming.

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

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Today, running a business involves dealing with many kinds of people and age groups. There have always been multiple generations in the workplace, but currently we’re experiencing four generations working together - the largest diversity of generations represented than any other time in history!

The differing generational values, work ethics, and financial perspectives can make our jobs in management quite challenging but how we manage these differences is most important. Roles are being redefined and rules are being rewritten daily. Change is inevitable and we need to recognise the positive impact a multi-generational workforce can have on our company’s success.

Why Hire Using a Recruitment Agency?

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In the face of growing competition from job boards, internal recruiters and social networking, some have forecast the decline of recruitment firms. However, our industry continues to grow and offers many important benefits to corporates looking to secure top talent.

Our ongoing success and client relationships depend upon our ability to offer advice and insight, to reduce risks associated with any recruiting exercise and to ultimately provide you with a shortlist of talented candidates you would not otherwise have known about.

There are several important benefits to clients when they engage the services of a reputable recruitment firm:  

What Great Bosses Do Differently

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I’m sure you agree: we’ve all worked for a boss at some point that was less than nice. I bet some of them have been downright awful. I know as well as you do that job satisfaction often hinges on the quality of the relationship with one’s boss and yet it’s not always clear what managers should do to create the happiest and most productive employees.